Saturday, 26 February 2011

Paris 2.

More photos of Paris! I love the 'cafe-culture' there - we spent so much time just sitting in cafes people-watching. We found some of the BEST hot chocolate, it was so rich! We also spent a lot of time in the Jewish quarter, which has to be one of my favourite parts of Paris, it has incredible food plus we found this amazing vintage store there. It had great prices, and was absolutely stuffed with goodies!

I ended up buying this bag there. It's a bit worn down, but it was such a good price for carved leather! It's exactly the kind of bag I go crazy for.



pronounced coco-pell-eeeee.

As in

COCO: mmmm hot chocolate. yummy.

PELL: I fell. Take off the 'f', add a 'p'

EEE: The noise you make when your way too excited.

Who is he?  He is a native american fertility god. Danced around playing the flute. Has an awesome hair style.

Wanna see a photo?

Glad we have the name sorted. Now we can be friends :)


Thursday, 24 February 2011


Just a couple photos of my trip to Paris. It was sooo much fun, and completely CRAZY!

We did a lot of walking...My french is pretty useless, but my friend is fluent so we ended up being ok! (even with all the taxis trying to rip us off) Her friend also lives in Paris, and kind of acted as our tour guide. She showed us all the little local places to go, so we didn't end up being too touristy.

The photos of the macaroons are from this amazing chocolate shop we came across - they had choc shoes, choc pianos, choc everything! I ended up buying a macaroon box. om nom nom :)

Also the last photo is the view from the ADORABLE flat we stayed in. So cute! I have heaps more photos, I'll get them uploaded soon!

Enjoy xxx

Thursday, 17 February 2011


I just love how fucking INSANE the Grammy's can be. The internet world is a-buzzing the minute the celebs hit the red carpet - it's the bloggers' equivalent of cat nip. Meow.

Katy Perry kept getting hate for this dress, but I absolutely loved it. It was weird, without being too "Gaga in a Placenta/Egg" (thank god), and the train is stunning.

I almost cried when I saw this. Partly because I have the biggest girl-crush on Miley Cyrus, yet here she looks lets just say it looked like she had being using 'bumpits' in her hair. And in my humble opinion bumpits, along with Crocs, ought to be illegal. Miley, I love you, please stop hurting me in this way.

FAVOURITE. DRESS. OF. THE. NIGHT. Wow. I think Nicole Kidman looks amazing. The colour on her, the hair, the way it fits. Gaaaahhh.

This dress left me rather confused. A part of me is like 'YES RIHANNA', while the other part is concerned if she moves the wrong way her bits n' bobs will be showing. 

Selena Gomez, you minx. She looks SO hot here - perfect perfect perfect.

Again, wowzers.  Leanne Rimes looks amazing. Incredibly dress, and it fits her so well. Sparkle. Shine. Mmmmmm.

I figure I better include some guys in here, too. Bruno Mars looked SO HOT. He is seriously the only dude who can pull off the Elvis 'do. Apart from Elvis. Who doesn't count.

I know, I know, he is gay. But that didn't stop Adam Lambert from looking fiiiine that night. Even with the Zorro style open shirt.

So who was your favourite at the Grammys?

Friday, 4 February 2011

She's The One With The Feathers In Her Hair.

EDIT: I got some! Check the post out here :)

I've noticed a little trend popping up recently, and I'm not gonna lie, I kind of love it.

Feathers in your hair. Yep. Feathers.

I found this one randomly on google my extensive and dedicated search for images. It's from a blogger called California Closet. Her article actually explains the semi-permanent methods of getting feather extensions - which can be styled and last for months!

Sandra, from 5 inch and up. It's difficult not to have a style-crush on this girl. And as you can see, she is rocking a hair wrap, complete with feathers. I LOVE the way this looks, but speaking from experience, hair wraps can be a bitch to remove...

Nicole Scherzinger?!?! - that's it, I'm sold.

So what's the best way to wear your feathers? Well, you can go with the semi-permanent methods which are put in by a hairdresser, but personally I'm choosing these crazy clip in ones from Planet Blue.

They have about 4 different designs to check out. So what do you think? Cool, or far too wierd?